Unique VIP System

  • Priority Support
  • Earn CPs / EXP balls while AFK using AutoHunt
  • Enables jumping/item pickup with AutoHunt
  • Teleport to all Cities without scrolls
  • Use Warehouses from anywhere
  • More features coming soon!

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For more information about our VIP Packages, visit our VIP Guide topic. For questions, comments or support visit our support forum.

VIP 4 (One Month)

One month subscription to our VIP service (level 4)

5,000 CPs

Instantly receive 5,000 Conquer Points in game.

Bulk (110,000 CPs)

Instantly receive 110,000 Conquer Points in game.

Mount Armor: King of Scorpions

A bad-ass looking scorpion with a fiery effect all around it.

Mount Armor: Fiery Dragon (Hades Effect)

A fiery dragon mount with the hades effect. One of the best mount armors in the game.

Garment: Robe of Darkness (Hades Effect)

A special dark garment with the hades effect.

Mount Armor: Somersault Cloud

A white, fluffy cloud-like mount armor.

Garment: Frozen Fantasy (Glory Effect)

A shiny, golden garment with a nice golden effect.


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